09 May 2010

The disappointing mountains

Blue Mountains is such a famous thing. Everyone talks about it, and it seems to be a must-go-tourist-spot, obviously for all tourists, and of course, including me.

I didn't have time for it since I came to Aussie, and we missed the chance to join the 2 days 1 night tour group with the Unimates. So we had to come out with our own plans and route.

Me, Steph and Tony went there on Saturday. Woke up damn early in the morning, got on the train around 8-ish, fell asleep in the train, and guess what, dannnngggggg, we missed the stop to get off. The next thing we knew when we woke up, was almost everyone got off the train, and there's no turning back. This is not HK, where you can just go to the opposite rail and wait for the train to get back. Here, you have to wait for some 40-50 minutes for the next train.

Haha. So we wondered around this small lil town, we have no freaking idea where we were at. Luckily, we managed to find a stop to catch a bus back to our original stop. Wasted another 2 dollars plus I guess. Haha... and definitely a lot of time.

Anyway, we made our way to the Blue Mountains. Bought tickets for the steep rail, cableway, skyway, and hop-on-and-off trolley ride. Went around the main area of the Blue Mountains (forgot what they call that...), expected to see some cool falls during the Skyway, but  what we saw was just not what we expected. It was mini, and it looked like water coming out from the shower. Anyway, then spent time on the Gordon Falls, expecting to see another grand falls (like what we saw on the advert photo), and once again, got disappointed=.= OMG, what happened? No one could explain. Anyway, we then went walking along the trails in the mountains, took some photos...and got lost not long after that. Lost as in people told us we have to walk another 4km to reach to the next stop. Panicked for awhile, but luckily, we met a really cool man with a 4WD who was so kind to bring us to a landmark with MORE PEOPLE. Saw a little bit of sunset on the other side.

And then, it was fish n chips + some other fried seafood for dinner. Train back after that. Fell asleep again. But those Cantonese and perhaps South East Asians were talking and laughing so loudly that we couldn't concentrate sleeping....

Anyway, we were so tired. But at least, now we know what Blue Mountains is like. The mountain is definitely not blue, no falls maybe only some showers, and lotsa trees all around. Nothing special aight? Haha....

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